Recent changes in the ways business is conducted may consider sports to be old news. While that may be true in some parts of the world, 25 million golf players in USA alone is not a negligible number. The number has fallen, Golf online casinosure everyone has noticed, but things have not changed much. Top CEOs, movie stars, sports celebrities, promising and established entrepreneurs are avid gold players. The number of famous personalities playing golf on a regular basis is quite impressive. At, we will discuss how golfers make about 17% more than those who don’t.

Golf is a relaxing sport, meant for pleasure and creating new bonds among players. It is achievement oriented teaching patience, tenacity and constant learning. The same traits which are needed from a sound businessman, hence the connection to the sport becomes strong. Some define golf as trying to put a small ball into a small hole with tools which are terribly deigned for the purpose. Doing business is not different. Trying to achieve the impossible with what is available is the definition of successful business.

The president of Big Boys Toyz, Jatin Ahuja is a golf player who loves the sport. According to him, it is a source of uniting strength and senses which helps in strategizing his next moves. He pointed at how while playing the sport his eyes are on the target which keeps him motivated in the business world. Business needs a strong mental game and the same is required from golf. The discipline needed in playing the sport is the same as for any business. The player is his own referee and his own umpire so he keeps his own score. Personal honesty is a trait that makes a strong personality in the business world.

Golf Course Lessons

The game is very challenging and an instant opportunity to correct moves made wrong keeps everything real. The feedback in the game is instant and the players can quickly make renewed shots within minutes. This shows the players that in business too, there are not correct strategies, trial and error is the way to achieve targets. Each wrong move is just another opportunity to aim a new shot towards greater success.

Flexibility in decision making and stubbornness in achieving targets are the best lessons that can be taken from the golf course to the business desk. The player always know that a potential disaster can be turned into a successful bag roulette All it needs is a mind accepting of change in technique but eyes on the target none the less, like Blackjack. Card games hold the true nature of tenacity.

Unlike casino games where the stakes are high and games end quickly, golf needs patience. If we are to compare both, the stakes in golf are also high. The chances of striking a new business deal while playing golf is something that cannot be denied. Online casinos like Royal Vegas casino, LeoVegas casino, 888casino allows players to win in real while there are no such options for golf.

Golf is a sport where the player learns and relearns throughout each game. This is highly needed in the business world where the learning experiences are always tough. Believing that results are not in control despite the best efforts is something that gets business leader far. Golf teaches its players that rethinking, re-strategizing, and leaving behind the baggage of failure is the only way to execute decisions anew. The only hope of achieving success this time.

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