People actually make effort in meeting important business associates on the golf course. The informal setting with all the right people in the right mood is perfect to break words towards fruitful ventures. business meetingMany business deals are struck and teams formed in the middle of a golf game. It serves as an opportunity to increase the networking circle of the business world. The golf course provides a platform where business relationships are built on trust and passion for the sport.

The calming nature of the sport also allows players to stay in their peaceful state of mind. Such an opportunity is seldom available anywhere else. The player should focus on the building his network instead of pushing to sell or close deals. Investors, after all, invest in the person and not the business. Through a fair portrayal of skill and persistence, you can win influential support by playing golf. This is how I got a deal closest with Well known Grand mondial casino. Finding the balance in the sport between leisure and business would serve the purpose just right.

Playing golf for business is a thriving force that will make you soar, far from the waters and closer to the clouds. Let break down a few reasons why you must consider getting in on the action yourself.


One-on-one Time.

In today’s extra-busy world, no one has the time to listen or connect in boardrooms. Even lunches during the day are short lived and dinner over weekends are hard. There is no other place like the golf course to find alone time with the CEO, an important investor, or a potential customer. The hours of walk between the shots provides enough time to get to know these important people on a personal basis. Not to mention there is no other interference which may distract your conversation in any way.

Peaceful Surroundings.

A meeting set in the office, no matter how lavish, cannot be compared to one set in the open. A natural surrounding aids in uplifting the spirits and pushing away all stress of an office day. The informal setting invites a welcoming and relaxing mood which always leads to good results.


Gaging Intellect.

This can be the perfect opportunity to gage the person’s business intelligence. The way they handle emotions when a shot is missed and vice versa tells a lot about their leadership. This knowledge cannot be gained within the four walls of an office – no matter how many meetings you hold with them. The four hours you spend together on the golf course are enough for you to assess your potential business partner.

Creating Bonds beyond the Office Walls

The sole interest in golf can help in forging friendship which is not possible within the office walls. This bond is a strong one which lasts over a lifetime, so when people move around, new opportunities will await you.

Better Opportunities

When you play golf, the acquaintances you make are numerous. New prospects and opportunities beyond your dreams will meet you on the golf course. People get to know you and will always be up for a game with you. This can reach up for other cities and even countries. You can always find people of interest on LinkedIn for business opportunities.

Chances for a Gift

With golf comes its accessories which will help you find the perfect gift which is not heavy on the pocket. A golf hat or ball presented can hold much value. Only true golfer know what such things mean.

A Game for All

This is a game which can be played by the young and the old, people from all backgrounds and abilities. The older CEOs can give the younger executives a tough time meanwhile they can face challenges themselves. Even the handicapped can play and compete against healthy players. This is not possible on any other gaming arena.

Women with an Advantage

Even women play golf and those who do gain an upper hand in their offices. Although an issue many have raised voice for, golf is something can connects all on every level. Golf talk is a bonding subject which forever leads to higher ground within the corporate ladder.


The best thing about golf is that you can go to any golf club and start playing. Of course, you must know beforehand if the person you plan to meet is playing there too. Otherwise, all the other players are usually there for the same purpose as you. Depending on your goal, show up and start golfing. Professionals from all fields are likely to show up and aide you in your venture.

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